Welcome to CraigiePark.com

Welcome to Craigie Park - the farm and home of Orskov family.

Your host, Bob Orskov, is a farmer, an eminent research scientist and a good teacher with students around the world. In the past two decades, he has spent enormous amount of time helping students,researchers and scientists from developing countries to better manage their feed resources, to increase animal productivity and to facilitate poverty alleviation. For his work, Bob has received numerous awards, including an OBE in Queen's Birthday Honours. (and more ....)

In the past 3 decades, Bob has travelled around the world. For the first time that he makes his travel diary public, you can read all of that here... There are a lot of photos and pictures too.

If you feel like to discuss any topics or simply wish to ask him a question, please feel free to do so at the "Discussion" section.