19 October 2010
I feel sorry I have not written long ago. Arrived well in Yogya though the plane was a bit late. I was met by TinTin and ISTAP meeting members at the airport. We went out for a meal and then to Wisma Hotel where I am now.

Saturday we went to Kwarasan and had a wonderful meeting. Kwarasan was where they set up the first community project with goats. Then we went to have massage at night. Next day we are off to one of the first Orskov Foundation goat project. The 60 goats they got two years ago have now become 400; so nice to see that. I gave them 100 USD as a gift for them all and they were very happy.

Monday I was lecturing to a group of excellent students and was preparing for the today’s meeting. The first day of ISTAP meeting. Had to present my paper with Grant Davidson. It went well, it seemed and had some good questions for discussion. Then outside here between 4 and 6 pm, music and dinner. I had to go and sing my favourite solo song and also danced a bit. Then of the Prembanan for the ballet with most of the participants. It was a lovely atmosphere. The Ramayana show was good as usual.

23 October 2010
It was a busy day. So many papers and at the end of the day invitation for dinner by the Dean. Lovely dinner as usual. It was mostly for invited plenary speakers. Then went to see farmers and Merapi. They have built a large museum dealing with volcanoes particularly Merapi of course. It was a pity we could not see the top. We met some farmers with goats. Unfortunately we could not see the Orskov Foundation group with lactating goats in the same area. The roads were too narrow for the bus, so were could not get there.

Today as we flew out of Yogya in the early morning got a wonderful view of Merapi with smoke coming out. Here I had a wonderful seat on the right hand side. Yesterday I was lecturing again to the small group of students which was excellent and enjoyable. I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did. In fact Monday lecture was about protein and Friday was about energy!

I had dinner with TinTin last night. Trianti also came in the morning to say hello and to tell me about their family problems. Looking back on my trip I can also say that it was nice and enjoyable. I hope I made a contribution. Our paper was very much quoted in the final discussion about the meeting. It was funny there were two Danish people there speaking about cooperatives and here I could agree with them being brought up with co-ops for milk, bacon etc. So my conclusion was to encourage co-ops and in community based projects. It is the participants of the community you are to help.

Today just now in Kuala Lampur airport on the way to Ho Chi Minh City to meet up with Dat and Dzung. I had to go that way as there was no direct connection from Jakarta.